Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kardashian collection

I am just about as peeved as one can get. I wanted this collection in the worst way, and by the time I go to get it, there are only a couple colors left, GRRRR! So I pick up these two colors out of the Kardashian collection by Nicole from OPI and take them so just happy to have my claws on a couple of the glitters. I had to swatch them immediately, of coarse. Terrible, Terrible Terrible, I couldn't even get the pics to work right for me, Insert scream here.

In the above swatch I used two coats of the polish and a caot of Seche Vita. This one is called Wear Something Spark-Kylie and I was pretty excited about it. Nice girly pink glitter, I mean come on gorgeous or what. On the nail it seemed to get kind of a coral hint to it though not much. The Glitter was flaking off and the polish dried really rough. It felt awful to have on. I put the top coat on which put an end to the flaky glitter but the worst is yet to come.

For this swatch I used three coats of the polish which ended up being lumpy due to the gloopy nature of the polish. This one is called Kendall On The Katwalk, and they better sweep after she goes down it. The glitter in this one flaked off even worse then on the other polish in this post and was rough as well. I needed three coats of this one to get it to look half way decent. The Seche Vita improved the look and stopped the flaking for this polish as well. But the worst of it, after all that wanting and waiting and work, the polishes chipped off. 90 % of it was gone in an hour. Very displeased with this collection!

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