Friday, November 18, 2011

Midnight Magic

This is Midnight Magic by Cover Girl Boundless Colors. Though this line of Cover Girl nail polish doesn't seem to be too terribly popular, this particular polish seems to be on many wish lists. It was sold out every time I looked for it for months. Finally, I got my nails on it, or the other way around LOL, and it was worth the wait. I must say before I rave, it had a tendency to bubble on me and I don't shake my polish bottles. See bubble on ring finger. :(

That being said, I love this shade. It is a velvety dark slate grey black and is still very shimmery. This first coat was a little streaky but evened out on the second. I used 3 coats anyway as so many polishes look better that way and it has become habit for me, but I could have gotten away with two. The formula was better then I expected due to experience with others in this particular cover girl line. It was thick but not overly so, and not watery and thin like others in the line. For the most part Midnight Magic went on very well.
This is a quick shot of the polish with Seche Vita top coat. Usually this top coat adds to the shine and sparkle in a nail polish, though here it almost seems to dull it a bit. Still a stunning color. Midnight Magic looks amazing by itself or with other polishes layered over it. This is easily one of my fav's.

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