Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lava Red With Hidden Treasures

I really do love my Rimmel Lava Red nail polish. This is two coats of it with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasures from the Salon Manicure line. This turned out to be an awesome coupling. I love the burnt orange and red to it. It shines so much that it looks like fire on your finger nails, especially in the sunlight. Rimmel Lava Red is a dark shade but not so much so that you can't tell it is red. Its a very vampy polish. Hidden Treasures is just that, hidden. You can't tell what this polish is going to do but it does seem to reflect the base color in an array of shades, though not always.

Nine and Company Green Handbag

This is a great handbag for spring. I know it seems a bit early but I am a kind of plan ahead kind of gal so why not. This is a bag I use for those long days away from home. During the beginning of spring I never know when it will be a nice enough day to enjoy the outdoors so I like to pack hopefully for this occasion. I am also very busy in the spring it seems and have a need to tote a lot of stuff with me. LOL I love the color for the season, by the time spring comes we all need to see green.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I adore Pearls!!! At least big pearls. These pearls are Pearlfection and they are amazing. They are called platinum colored but they are kind of a light tan color that reflect gold and greens, very pretty. The pearls themselves are about 12 mm, a nice size. They are great for wearing to work at the office, going out to dinner, church, or going out to an event, anywhere really. These are not your grandma's pearls to say the least. My parents gave me these when I started a new job, and I just love them. They are very heavy and start to make my neck hurt after a long day, but that is a good thing for pearls. To me it denotes luxury to have huge pearls, LOL!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Zoya Loredana with Wireless Top Coat

This is Loredana by Zoya with China Glaze Wireless top coat. I love the way this turned out. We experiment with our nail polish to find great combos and I think I hit the jackpot here. It is a very shiny gun metal with a holographic sheen. Amazing!! The original Loredana was on my like list as it was but this really helped it out, not that it needed it. The picture really doesn't do it justice as you really can't see the colors being reflected in the holographic top coat.