Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nail Polish Care

Never shake your nail polish! This causes bubbles in your nail polish and that will cause chipping when you wear it. Instead turn the bottle upside down and roll it in your hands.

Vintage Leaf Pin

I had to have this adorable pin the minute I saw it. I, of coarse got it at a local church sale. It is a great pin for the fall season and I wear it in my hair or on my jacket. It reminds me very much of the whole harvest season and the feeling of late summer.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lava Red With Matte Magic

Here is two coats of Rimmel Lave Red with one coat of China Glaze Matte Magic over top of it. I love the original color a lot but I like this a bit less. This is a great evening nail polish due to how dark it is. The matte finish makes it stand out even more then it did before. I know it sounds strange but it does.

Home Hair Detangler

Ue one or two teaspoons of a milky blue fabric softener you can get at any grocery store. Most of us already have some of this in our laundry rooms. This will help smooth out your hair and can deep clean some of the excess dirt out that our shampoo may have missed. It will leave your hair smooth and tangle free. It even smells pretty.

Large Black Wallet

This came with a set of makeup bags that I bought. I almost never use these smaller things for makeup, but this one is pretty enough to double as a clutch. I use this in the daytime for casual events and quick trips to the store.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chain Set

I absolutely love the fashion coming out in jewelry the last couple of years!! The bigger pieces and the chains. I picked this set up at a yard sale for a couple of dollars and it is everything I hoped it would be. I was looking for a way to add a bit of an edge to my wardrobe and this set helped.

Jewelry Care: Silver

Keep your silver jewelry in plastic bags to prevent it from tarnishing. Make sure that you squeeze out all the air in the bags before you seal them. The air will cause your silver to tarnish, so keeping it out of the air is a very good idea. There are special cases and bags that are on the market that will do this but a plastic sandwich bag that you can seal works the same for a lot less money.

Unique Nine West Handbag

This really is a basic style handbag but the color and texture really stood out for me. It is a Nine West handbag and I got it at a local second hand store for about a dollar. Score! It is soft and easy to carry in the daytime. It has enough room to carry all the things I need or think I need all day long.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rimmel Lava Red Swatch

This is two coats of Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Lava Red.

I saw this polish sitting on the self and I had to have it. I thought is was going to be amazing, and I was right. I love this polish. It was easy to work with and dried fairly quickly. This swatch has no top coat as I did some other things to it. Pics to come later. Lava Red shines very brightly and I can only imagine what it would do with a coat of Seche Vita over top of it. I will have to check that out when I find another bottle of top coat, LOL!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweater Clip

I have always just adored these fun little clips. I use them in the style of the 1950's as sweater clips but I use them for other things as well. I like to wear them as an alternative to a belt, I just clip to my shirts or dresses in the back or I wear them in my hair. I got this at a local church sale for about 50 cents.

Green St. Johns Bag Suede Handbag

A small green suede handbag that I thought was very nice when I bought it but I don't think I have ever used it. Huh. Well anyway it is from St. John's Bay and I got it at a local second hand store for about $1.00, another great deal. This would be a great go to bag for spring through the fall seasons as the color can work any of those times. I could go in winter as well but you need to give your other bags love too.

Sally Hansen HD: Laser

This is the second of the two new additions to my Sally Hansen HD collection. This one is called Laser. I love the glitter and gloss of this collection so much. Last years I thought were amazing but this years additions to the Sally Hansen HD collection are absolutely fabulous. This is two coats of Laser with no top coat or color under it. I have seen swatches with these new HD polishes over black and they are beautiful as well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Silver Bird Earrings

These earrings were just too cute to pass up, I had to take them home with me. I bought these earrings at a local church sale for around $1.00. They are silver and have to be kept in plastic as they will tarnish quickly which I don't much care for but they are pretty. We must all think of the upkeep of the pieces that we buy, as they may be more trouble then they are worth, as I sometimes find my silver.

Black Crossbody Bag

I have loved this bag too much I think. I used it for carrying my notebooks and things during college. It can't hold much as it is not the sturdiest thing I own but I like it. I got it at a local second hand store for about a quarter and it served its purpose well.

Sally Hansen HD: DVD

As most of you know, I slowly build my nail polish collection as a whole and slowly add to the little mini collections I have with in it. I have recently added 2 more polishes to my Sally Hansen HD collection. This one is called DVD and I am in love. A sparkly, purple holo? I am so game. LOL These swatches of DVD by Sally Hansen from the HD collection were both taken with inside light. Sorry I couldn't get a sunlight picture, the sun seems to have a mild allergy to my part of the world on occasion. :) I used three coats of this polish with nothing over or under. The color in this swatch of DVD is acurate in some lighting from some angles as well as is the one below but this nail polish is kind of duochromatic and will look different in different environments.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cotton Cross

Another addition to my hippie/natural look!! This handbag is fun and can be used for daytime or a casual event. I paid about 50 cents for it at a local second hand store, score! I have had a few comments as to the fringes being a bit tacky, but I LOVE THEM!

Chandalier Earrings

Your local church sales really are the best. I found this pretty pair of earrings at yet another one. They are rather heavy and I can't wear them for too long at a time but they are really beautiful. The are a silver tone but have a tarnished look to them and pink opal like beads that all add to the vintage look I like to sport.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Audry Hidden Treasures

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is For Audrey by China Glaze and with an overlay of Hidden Treasures by Sally Hansen from the Salon Manicure collection.

I added just one coat of Hidden Treasures to the previous coats of For Audrey. In the above swatch the picture was taken in the sunlight and for the one below it was taken indoors.

Wood Neclace

Another great church sale find. This necklace compliments my hippie style and I love it. It is very light and easy to wear. I get a lot of comments on how big it is but it is generally well received. I think I paid around $1.00 for this and I wear it most of the year though not too much in the winter.

Blue Green Sequins Handbag

I really don't know what it is about this kind of handbag but I must collect them. I love the sparkle of the sequins. This is yet another of my collection of sequined handbags. I use this for casual outings as it is not very professional looking and it doesn't really hold a lot. I purchased this one at a local second hand store for about 75 cents.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

China Glaze For Audrey

For Audrey by China Glaze is an interesting color, I will give it that. It is definitely the same color as Tiffany's signature color. I don't really have a lot in my wardrobe to wear this with but I though I would get it for the purposes of having it in my collection. I am sure I can use it sometime. :)
For these swatches I used two coats of the nail polish and no top coat. I covered it with an effect type of polish which I will have swatches up for shortly. This was not the easiest polish for me to work with though I have had a lot worse. The above shot is out in the sunlight and the swatch below is indoor lighting.

Flower Pins

I bought these two pins at a local church sale for about 50 cents a piece. They are vintage, which I love, and they are very feminine without being girly, which I also love.

Niether of these pins are very heavy which makes it easier to wear them in many different ways. I like to wear a lot of my pins in my hair and on my belts.

Leather Fringed Cross Body Bag

I love the vintage look of this handbag. I wear it a lot in the summer and fall. It rather compliments my hippie style that I often seem to adopt during these times of the year. I mostly use it in casual situations however, due to its small size. I can only really carry the essentials in it. I bought this a a local second hand store of around $1.00.

China Glaze DV8

This is DV8 by China Glaze from the OMG Collection. I really love this color!!! It shines perfectly for me and the amazing shade of medium teal is kind of an all season color for me as well. You can pair this color with almost any of the neutral colors we wear throughout the year.

For this nail swatch, I used three coats of polish and no top coat. Due to the holographic effect of this polish a top coat only ruins the effects of wearing it. It is an amazing color but since you can't wear a top coat with it, it does chip easy. It is not a long term polish to wear.