Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mystery Nail Polish

So I was out and about yesterday and I stopped in at the local consignment store. While I was there I found a couple of bottles of nail polish that looked basically brand new, so I bought them. Neither one of them had the name of the polish on the bottle, or any tags or stickers that had it either. I thought this will be fun.......

This first swatch is of mystery polish #1. It is an Orly nail polish in a very dark red. This is a creme/ jelly type of nail polish. Me and the mystery Orly do not get along as you can see from the swatches. I could not get this polish to go on right no matter what I did. This is three coats and it still looks like this. Not so much fun.

The same Orly mystery nail polish with China Glaze Matte Magic over top of it. I would really like this except for the fact that the Orly polish had to fight with me so badly.

Mystery nail polish #2 is from Maybelline Express Finish. I really like this polish. It was a bit sticky but not too hard to work with. I love the color of this nail polish. It is a dark grass green with lots of silver shimmer to it. In this first swatch I used two coats of the nail polish.

This is mystery nail polish #2 with China Glaze Matte Magic over top of it. It turned to a nice emerald green chrome which I thick I rather like.
If anyone happens to know the names of these nail polishes, let me know. I would love to add them to this post. Just leave a comment here telling us all what you think. I really don't know and I am curious.

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