Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BFF by China Glaze

Okay, so I am sure you figured out by now that I love China Glaze's OMG collection. This is BFF, and even though it is pink, I LOVE it! I just can't say enough about these nail polishes. They go on easy give good coverage and dry in a snap.

In these swatches I used two coats of the polish and no top coat as a top coat tends to dull the holographic effect.

I included three pics so you can see different lighting and angles on this nail polish. The shine is awesome.

A small warning for when using these polishes: They Chip Easy! Be careful when wearing them and only plan for the day or event you are wearing them to.

Small Brown Tortise Shell Print Handbag

I recently got this bag from a friend of mine that was cleaning out her closet. It still had the tags on it!! She had it for what she said was forever and never used it so, I got to inherit it. The tag on the inside says Bijoux Turner. I tried to use it once, but it is just not my kind of bag.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sun Kissed Sally Hansen Nail Polish

I really like orange, just love the color. Anyway, this orange nail polish by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear is called Sun Kissed. I felt it was a bit more mandarin, but eh. As many have guessed, I am a fan of Sally Hansen Nail Polish and this one is no different. I love the color, it went on easy, and it stayed nice for a few days. What's not to like?

In this swatch I used two coats of Sun Kissed nail polish by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear with no top coat. This is a fairly sturdy polish but I would recommend a top coat as this polish does scratch easy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LOL by China Glaze

LOL by China Glaze is going among my new favorite nail polishes. I know I have a lot of fav's, but there is a lot of nail polish out there. I love purple nail polish, so naturally it is hard to find and often hard to work with or not very great as far as effects go. This is the exception. This polish went on smooth and easy, dried quick, and has awesome holo effects. It is still kind of hard to find but hey, two out of three ain't bad as Meatloaf would say.

In this swatch I used three coats of LOL nail polish though I could have done with just two. There is no top coat as it tends to dull this nail polish for some reason.

Mystery Nail Polish

So I was out and about yesterday and I stopped in at the local consignment store. While I was there I found a couple of bottles of nail polish that looked basically brand new, so I bought them. Neither one of them had the name of the polish on the bottle, or any tags or stickers that had it either. I thought this will be fun.......

This first swatch is of mystery polish #1. It is an Orly nail polish in a very dark red. This is a creme/ jelly type of nail polish. Me and the mystery Orly do not get along as you can see from the swatches. I could not get this polish to go on right no matter what I did. This is three coats and it still looks like this. Not so much fun.

The same Orly mystery nail polish with China Glaze Matte Magic over top of it. I would really like this except for the fact that the Orly polish had to fight with me so badly.

Mystery nail polish #2 is from Maybelline Express Finish. I really like this polish. It was a bit sticky but not too hard to work with. I love the color of this nail polish. It is a dark grass green with lots of silver shimmer to it. In this first swatch I used two coats of the nail polish.

This is mystery nail polish #2 with China Glaze Matte Magic over top of it. It turned to a nice emerald green chrome which I thick I rather like.
If anyone happens to know the names of these nail polishes, let me know. I would love to add them to this post. Just leave a comment here telling us all what you think. I really don't know and I am curious.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ivy League by Sally Hansen

This would be a great choice for St. Patricks day, don't you think? I know it is a ways away yet but.... this is Ivy League by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. It is a bright grass green color with lots of awesome shimmer in it. In this first swatch I used two coats of Ivy League and a top coat.

In these last two swatches there is two coats of nail polish and no top coat. As you can see this nail polish is bright even without the top coat and in different light settings.

China Glaze: QT

Did I mention before how much I love the OMG collection by China Glaze. Each and every nail polish that I got from this collection is awesome. It shines beautifully, goes on easily, and dries in seconds, literally. In this swatch I used three coats of QT by China Glaze and no top coat. The rich color of this one is just stunning. The holographic effect is there, but lighter than some of the others. QT is a rich holographic magenta color in real life, just a bit more blue than in the swatch.

New Ring

This is my newest piece of jewelry. I got this as a just because gift from a very special lady I call mom. I just adored the one she had, so she ordered one for me. It is purple turquoise, PURPLE!

I just had to put a pic of this ring up because it is so beautiful. It is a size 7, which perfectly fits my middle finger. I like this ring on my middle finger better than my ring finger due to the size of it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random China Glaze OMG

I ordered a whole bunch of China Glaze nail polishes recently and I decided to do a random manicure with some of the new China Glaze nail polishes. Well these aren't NEW polishes, as in they came out awhile ago, but they are new to me. They are all from the OMG collection.

Thumb: L8R G8R, Pointer: DV8, Middle: 2NITE, Ring:IDK, Pinkie:G8R
As I said above, all nail polishes are from China Glaze's OMG Collection.

There are three coats of China Glaze nail polish on each finger with no top coat. I was told not to use a top coat with these as it will dull the holographic effect. Whoever told me that, thanks a lot. They do get really dull with top coat.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crushed by Sally Hansen

Another Xtreme Wear nail polish for you to look at. I thought it was a great bright color for the upcoming spring season. The polish is a little more red in real life than it is in this swatch.
It is a nice bright orange in any case. In this swatch there is only one coat of the polish and no top coat.

Refresh your Manicure

Once your nail polish has been on a day or two it tends to loose its shine, at least with some polishes. If this happens to your nails, just add a drop of cuticle oil to your nails. It will shine your polish and hydrate your skin and cuticles making your manicure look perfect again.

Pure Ice Heart Breaker

Pure Ice Heartbreaker is a great color for spring and summer. This is a light blue shimmer/glitter nail polish. I pick them up at walmart for about $2.00 a bottle and most of them are very good to work with. The drying time on this polish was not my favorite but hey you can't have it all. In this first swatch I used two coats of Heartbreaker nail polish and a top coat.
In this second swatch I only used two coats of the nail polish and no top coat. As you can see it is pretty bright and shines a lot on its own.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Going Green

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in Going Green is a new shade that I am definitely adding to my personal collection. This is a dusty medium jewel toned green with shimmer. I really love this color. The nail polish was also easy to work with unlike some of the others in this collection.

For both Swatches I used two coat of Going Green and no top coat. I recommend top coat for extra shine and protection with this polish.

You can really see the shimmer in this second swatch. Really Pretty!

Beauty Tip: Under Eye Protection

The time for the sun to come back is almost upon us, which means the time of sunscreen is not far behind. When you start to purchase this years products keep your under eye area in mind. Find a sunscreen or a skincare product containing sunscreen, that is gentle enough for under your eyes. Don't forget to put it on! You under eye skin in thinner than the rest of the skin on your face making it easier to get damaged by the sun.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Nail Polish Ideas & Swatches

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. For the special occasion, I have put together a collection of pink and red nail polish swatches to help you all decide what to wear on your special night with your sweetheart. You can browse through my blog archives for more pics of a certain nail polish and reviews for them as well. Most have been published recently. The first swatch will be what I am wearing for the holiday, I just love it too much.

Sinful Colors: Shausha

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms: Blush Diamond

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine: Shining

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine: Glossy

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine: Brilliant

Sally Hansen HD: Digital

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Sweet

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Cotton Candy

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Brick Wall

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Bamboo Shoots

Revlon: Sublime Strawberry(Scented)

Pure Ice: Outrageous

Pure Ice: Feelin Hot

Petites: Cabernet

Petites: Aubergine

Orly: Sterling Silver Rose

OPI: Strawberry Fields

Milani: Ruby Jewels

Cover Girl Boundless Colors: Crushed Berries

China Glaze: Warm Sable

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sinful Colors: Shausha

A friend if mine pick this polish up for me the other day and all I can say is Thank You! The swatches shown here really don't show the nail polishes full quality but they show some. In the pics you can see the brownish taupe color and the gold hints, but they are missing the purple undertone it has, very awesome. In the first swatch I used two coats and a top coat.

In the second swatch I used two coats of Shausha by Sinful Colors and no top coat.

Spring Cleaning For Your Makeup Kit

Spring time is basically upon us, at least when it comes to thinking of the spring cleaning aspect. While you are going about your other cleaning, you should take a moment to wash your makeup brushes with clarifying shampoo. This will help to get rid of any build up of oils and products that may cause you to have a break out. No one wants to have a skin breakout at the beginning of the spring season. Be sure to rinse your brushes very well when doing this.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Savvy Nail Polish

This is my first Savvy nail polish. Whoooo! Anyway, this is Golden Honey by Savvy. I had been wanting to try this polish but never got the chance until yesterday. I was in the local second hand store and there sat this bottle of Savvy Nail Polish.

In this swatch I used two coats of the nail polish and no top coat. This was a great nail polish to use. It went on easy and dried quickly. I love the color of it as well. It is a light brown gold color that is nice with many neutral and basic colors.

Spark by Sally Hansen With Different Top Coats

I decided to do a little experimenting with Spark by Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine. In this first swatch it is just the polish with regular top coat.

The second swatch has City Lights by Covergirl Boundless Colors over top of Spark.

The third Swatch is NYC Starry Night Glitter over Spark By Sally Hansen.

The last swatch is of Spark with Break up by Hard Candy over it.

Plum Power

I added a few nail polishes to my Xtreme Wear by Sally Hansen Collection recently and this is one of the new additions. (My nail polish collection is getting rather large at this point) Plum Power is a great purple color. It has a lot of red in it almost making it a dark magenta type color. It is very pretty. This first swatch is just two coats of the polish.

This second swatch has two coats of the polish and a top coat. I used Blown Glass by Cover Girl Boundless Color.