Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cotton Candy by Sally Hansen

Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear by Sally Hansen in Cotton Candy is definately not the color for my skin tone. that being said it is a very pretty polish. For this swatch I used two coats of the polish. You can't really tell that I am wear any nail polish at all hence why it is all wrong for me. I recommend that people with darker skintones weat this polish and I also reommend using at least three coats.

New Liquid Eyeliner

Looking for a new look? Try making a new liquid eyeliner out of an old powder eyeshadow. Add a few sterile eye drops to your powder eyeshadow to make a sterile liquid eyeliner. Mix and apply with a small makeup brush.

Coral Amber Review & Swatch

Another piece from my vintage collection. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Coral Amber. This is a thin duo chromatic polish in a pinkish red, coral tone that has a nice golden sheen over it. In this swatch I used two coats of the polish though I might have benefited better if I had used three.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Rimmel Hard Edged

This is Hard Edged by Rimmel. I love this polish, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I was not able to get a good shot of the duochromatic effect this polish has. Hard Edged is a dark red/burgundy color with a duochromatic shimmer to it. It normally shines in green and gold and pink. I used two coats of polish for this swatch and no top coat. This is one of those polishes that should have a top coat to help bring out the shine.

Dark Nail Polish Tip

Break the process into three thin swipes of polish starting with the middle and then paint the sides. Put on thin coats but put on more of them. This will help the polish cover the nail more uniformly and prevent chipping.

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine: Glossy

Glossy by Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine is a very dark red/burgundy color. It looks a little on the black side in this swatch, which it kind of does in real life as well, though not as much as in this swatch. I used two coats of the polish and no top coat for this swatch, but I recommend that you use a high shine type of top coat with this nail polish to help bring out the color.

Remove Nail Stains

To remove stains on your fingernails, soak your nails in denture cleaner for about three minutes. The active ingredient in the cleaner will work the same on your nails as on teeth. Be sure to rinse your hands really well before proceeding with your manicure.

Sinful Colors: Nail Jukie

This is Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors. I am still not sure how much I like this polish. Mainly because of the way it dries. It goes on like a tinted jelly with lots of glitter and dries flat with chunky glitter and it almost seems matte. If you are looking for the whole under the sea type of look, I can say that this polish would be perfect for any mermaids out there. HaHaHa In this swatch I use three coats of Nail Junkie and no top coat. I strongly recommend that you always use a base coat with this polish if possible. It took me about 5 minutes to get the polish off of one finger, it sticks very well.

DIY Dry Shampoo

If you are looking for a great DIY dry shampoo try this recipe. Mix equal parts of baking soda and baby powder. Sprinkle this over your hair and brush it. Baking soda will remove any excess build up and the baby powder will soak up any oil.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sinful Colors: All About You

Here is another swatch from the Sinful Colors nail polish I picked up a while ago. This is called All About You. It has a clear base with mostly gold glitter in it with a small amount of orange glitter in it as well. In this swatch I applied three coats of the polish and should have went with more. I think I will be using this polish for overlays on other polished and not much else.

Boost your Conditioner

Place your conditioner in the microwave to warm it up for about 20 seconds. Apply the conditioner to your hair while it is warm. This will help open your hair cuticles and allow the conditioner to sink in deeper. Be sure to rinse with cool water to help close your hair cuticles and lock in the benefits of your conditioner.

Whatever Handbag

I really liked the color scheme on this handbag when I saw it. It has a tag on the inside that says Whatever and nothing else. This handbag is a neutral color with a slight peachy pink tint to it with gold detailing. I haven't really used it yet but I would most likely use this as a casual handbag.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

OPI Down to My Last Penny

This is OPI Down To My Last Penny. This is a great nail polish for the fall season. I really like the color orange and any color that seems to have orange in it, or just about anyway. I love this color, it is like a copper penny or a burnt orange color. I this swatch I used two coats of the polish and no top coat. This color is very shimmery and will stand out a bit, so don't use if you are trying to go for the conservative look.

Bamboo Shoots Review and Swatch

This is one of my favorite polishes of all time. It is called Bamboo Shoots and it is by Sally Hansen in the xtreme wear collection. I picked it up at Walmart over the summer for about two bucks or so. it is a very light pink color that almost matches the color of my nails perfectly. Wearing this polish feels like heaven. It gives your hands an extra clean look. It this swatch I used two coats of the polish. It takes a little bit to dry but it is not as bad as some. Just to clarify, I did not do a french manicure, or add any lighter color to the nail before I applied Bamboo shoots. My nails really do just have a natural french manicure look to them. A friend of a friend swears that I am not telling the truth and that I keep a french manicure at all times. Not true!

GAP Jean Purse with a Little Decoration

Around this time of the year, I start to add fun pieces to my daily wear as much as I can. I live in northern Minnesota and we have snow on the ground and sub zero temps for a few months in a row. I get cabin fever around this time of the year, which explains this handbag. It is a GAP Jean purse that I added a bunch of small buttons to. I will carry it off and on through the fall and put it away for the winter months again.

Create Natural Looking Curls

To get the most natural looking curls, use more than one size curling iron barrel. This will create tousled looking waves that vary in size, just like if they were natural.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Revlon Racy Raspberry

This is Racy Raspberry by Revlon. It is in a collection they put out to help support breast cancer research. I like the color, but not all the time. It is a great pink for spring.

Prada Mini Messenger

I loved this bag when I was attending college classes. It is the right size for just about everything you need, accept books. I am not sure that it is a real Prada bag, but I like it anyway. I only paid a couple bucks for it in a second hand store.

Choose your Best Blush

If you are still looking for the perfect shade of blush just make a fist. Choose a pink blush that matches the color pink on your knuckles when you are making a fist.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Envy w/ overlays

A while back I posted a swatch of Envy by Hard Candy. At the time I also did a bit of playing around and tested some overlays. These are the results of me playing with Envy and a few other nail polishes. This first pic is Envy with Sweet P by Hard Candy over it, just one coat. If I had made the coat a bit thinner it might have worked out a little better.

This next swatch is of Envy with City Lights by Cover Girl over it. This works rather well I think. I would wear this out at night.

Sorry about the picture quality on this last swatch, but my camera did not want to shoot this one well at all. This is Envy with Break Up by Hard Candy over it. This is another great going out at night pair.

Small Brown Rosetti Handbag

I love this handbag. I can take it just about anywhere with me during the day. The long strap is detachable, so I can wear it shopping or take it to lunch with me. It is a Rosetti. I am sure I picked this up at a thrift store for a buck or less which is great.

At Home Lip Plumper

There is no need for any woman to spend an arm and a leg on lip plumper's or lip color with plumping agents added. To plump your lips at home for little to nothing just dab a bit of peppermint oil onto your lips and let it soak in. This is one of the main ingredients used in most commercial lip plumper's and it is the cause of the tiny allergic reaction that swells our lips. After it has soaked in you can apply your desired lip color.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sinful Colors: Frenzy

This is frenzy by Sinful Colors. I really like the colors in this glitter nail polish. This picture doesn't show it very well because my camera just wouldn't capture it properly, bu there is a lot more blue glitter in this polish. There is more purple than blue but the blue shows through a lot more. In this swatch I used three coats of the polish and still could have gone for one or two more. This is a polish I just love but I won't wear it often because it took forever to get off.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orly: Sterling Silver Rose Review and Swatch

I am not the biggest fan of light pink nail polishes, but for some reason I really love this one. This is Sterling Silver Rose By Orly. This is a light rosy pink with a bit of silver shimmer in it. The silver shimmer makes this polish shine ever so lightly in different lights.

In this swatch there are two coats of Sterling Silver Rose By Orly and no top coat.

Small lucky Brand Handbag

This is my small Lucky Brand handbag. The strap is detachable, so I sue this as a clutch or a makeup bag most often. Though sometimes I do wear it with the strap. It really depends on the outfit and when I am wearing it. It is only about 7 inches long by about 4 inches high and has one small zipper pocket inside the main pocket of the bag. I love the colors on this handbag because they go with much of my wardrobe.

New Nail Polish: Sinful Colors

This is a set of eight new polishes I picked up at the local pharmacy. They were only 2.29 a piece which isn't bad at all. Swatches of these individual colors will be coming soon. The polishes are Sinful Colors and this is a set of glitter polishes.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Black and Silver Sequins Bag

I love to use this bag when meeting friends in the evening for drinks. This is a great little back for many of my outfits that incorporate black and silver into them. It isn't anything special, but I like it. Tell me what you think.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nail Polish Ideas: HD Lite and Hard Candy Polishes

In these two swatches you see Sally Hansen HD Lite with Hard Candy Nail Polish over top of the HD. In the first swatch I used Sweet p by Hard Candy to cover the HD Lite, and in the second swatch, I used Break Up by Hard Candy. I am not at all fond of the break up overlay, but if I had gone a little lighter on the sweet p, I would adore the first swatch.

Baby Phat

This is my Baby Phat Purse. I absolutely love this purse. I carry it both at night and during the day, usually to match an outfit, but sometimes I just grab this one cause I like it so much. The yellow inside is just awesome.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Golden Cinnabar, Nail Prisms

This is an absolutely amazing nail polish. Golden cinnabar is a duochrome polish, with a dusty rose color and gold.

I had to take a bunch of pictures at different angles to show you this amazing nail polish.

In These swatches I used two coats of the nail polish and no top coat.

It is the most interesting color of pink, it almost looks dirty in some lights. The gold shines through amazingly and causes the nail polish to look a bit brownish in some lights as well. When the polish shines gold it shines brightly.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spark by Sally Hansen

Spark, put out by Sally Hansen in their Lacquer Shine collection was an interesting polish for me to work with. For starters, it looks like a dark inky purple color in the bottle and it turns out being much more of an ink blue color. Disappointing for me since I love purple nail polish. The first coat had barely any purple in it at all but once the second was on you could kind of see it. These swatches are of two coats of Spark with no top coat. Although I kind of like the color of the polish, I am not happy about it being blue instead of purple. I must say that this particular polish was easier for me to work with than many of the Sally Hansen polishes I have used in the past.

a.n.a Large Green and Brown Tote

This is my a.n.a large green tote. I love this bag for when I am taking classes or going anywhere with my work for writing. It is perfect for carrying a notebook and a couple of other books in it. I know I am kind of a study nerd but hey, I am a writer after all. The leather detailing looks almost black in the pic but it is actually a very nice brown color. This bag seems to match about 60-70% of my wardrobe so it is pretty easy for me to use it, and I do often.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Envy By Hard Candy

Envy by Hard Candy is a very dark green with a nice shimmer to it. You can only see the glitter if you look really close in the swatches but it is there. I love this color, one of my new favs. In the swatches you see two coats of Envy and no top coat.

Beautiful Beaded Clutch

This clutch was given to me by a very dear friend of mine. It has three zipper pockets inside and you just fold it and tie it closed. It is an amazing piece that I just adore. Obviously it is for the evening time when going out.

Frenzy By Hard Candy

This is Frenzy by Hard Candy. It is a teal blue green color that seems to have a jelly like fininsh to it. I think this is a great color for teen girls to wear in the summer and winter time as the color is just a bit to bright for us older folks.

In these swatches I used two coat of the polish and no top coat. I recommend using a top coat with this polish and possible adding a third coat.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Light Green Sequins Handbag

This is a fun little bag that I like to carry in the Spring and Summer. It is rather small and lightweight and the strap is perfect for throwing over the shoulder and going where ever you need to. I use it mainly during the day time due to it's color and the sequins shine very nicely in the sun. Let me know if you like this purse or any of the others you see on Bella's Blog.