Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Bags: Gap Clutch

One of my friends recently asked me if I would consider putting pieces from my own collections I have up on my blog. I thought why not and decided to start with my purses and handbags. I have a very unique style as everyone does. I will warn you now that I buy and wear what I like and I don't care so much about the name on it. If it has a name on it and I like it, great. I just chose a random piece out of my large and ever growing collection, and it is my GAP clutch. It is about six or seven inches long and is about four inches high. It has a cord tied to the zipper with square beads that say gap on them and also have a star on each one. It doesn't have any inside pockets, which isn't my favorite, but it still does the job. It has a small rectangular plastic emblem inside that says gap on it. I love to hear people's opinions about the pieces I own so feel free to leave a comment.

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