Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nail Polish I Got For Christmas This Year

I managed to get 10 bottles of nail polish for Christmas this year. I received three bottles of OPI from my mother in law, two bottles of Hard Candy and a package of mini Sally Hansen HD Polishes from my boyfriend. The three OPI polishes are Don't Know... Beets Me, It's Now or Never, and Blue My Mind.

The Sally Hansen Colors are Cyber, Hi-Def, Pixel Pretty, Digital, and Lite.

The Hard Candy Colors are, Frenzy, and Splendid. Check back for these swatches and reviews coming soon.

Beauty Tip: Soften Lip Color Lines

Blend foundation around your mouth to help soften your lipstick and make it look less severe. Also, apply lip stain before your lipstick or gloss. This will help to avoid that sharp pale color your lips tend to look when your lipstick wears off.

My Nail Polish Collection as of December 31st 2009

A friend of mine asked me to post a pic of my entire collection every so often so we can all see how it grows. Here are two pics of my nail polish collection, table courtesy of my 5 year old son who loves to see my nails painted. In all I have 105 bottles of polish. This includes, 34 Sally Hansen, 5 Hard Candy, 4 Petites, 6 Milani, 5 misc, 14 Pure Ice, 11 NYC, 5 Cover Girl, 9 Revlon, and 12 OPI polishes. In the next year I hope to fill in many of the missing colors I have in the current brands I am collecting and add a few brands to my growing collection of nail polish. I plan to share each and every polish I own and obtain in the future with you. Keep an eye out for these and many new nail polish swatches and reviews.

Nail Polish Idea: Tips and Half Moons

For a stunningly beautiful manicure try applying your nail polish with a base color and another color on your tips and in a half moon at the base of your nail. For the classic look go with a black base and a white or very light pink, cream or beige. For a more noticeable polish use bright colors and metallics.

Sally Hansen Laquer Shine: Shining

I seem to love the deep red nail polished this year and I am bringing you another one. This is Shining by Sally Hansen. In the swatches you see two coats of the polish and one of top coat. I recommend that you use a top coat with this polish as it attracts dirt. It is a great polish to wear in the evening and around the holidays.

My Bags: Black Rosetti

This is my small black Rosetti handbag. I like the pocket and zipper detailing on the front of this bag. I use this as one of my everyday handbags. It is big enough to fit the essentials in it and it is light and easy to carry around with me all day.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Revlon No Shrinking Violet Review

No Shrinking Violet by Revlon is a beautiful nail polish. It is a dark purple with a small amount of silver shimmer in it. Here you see two coats of the polish. I recommend that you use a top coat for extra shine because the polish collects dust and dirt. This is a great nail polish to wear in the evening when going out.

Beauty Ideas: Eye Glitter

Update your look with a little bit of glitter on your eyes. You could apply a liquid glitter eye liner to the lash line, from corner to corner, on your top lid. For a slightly toned down version, try just the outside half of your top lid, or as another alternative apply glitter eyeliner to the top and lower half your your eyelids.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OPI Don't Toy With Me Review

This is a very sparkly nail polish, it is among my favorite reds in my personal collection. This is OPI Don't Toy With Me from their Holiday In Toy Land 2008 collection. This is two coats of polish and one top coat. This polish is great for the holidays or anytime you need a great red nail polish. Be warned, it will stand out, it shines very brightly in the light.

My Bags: Gold Angel

This is a small overnight type of bag that was put out by Victoria Secrets. I use this as a handbag when I have my planner and a whole afternoon of bills to pay. I have a few nice fall type jackets that go very well with this bag. The bag is very sturdy and stays suprisingly clean. I have used it on occasion as an overnight bag, and it will fit a whole outfit including the shoes and a small nightgown in it. The bag without the handles is about 7 or 8 inches tall and is about 5 or 6 inches wide and is got a rounded shape to it.

Grape Sorbet & Hot Pants Nail Polish Idea

This is Grape Sorbet by Rimmel with Hot Pants by Hard Candy over top of it. This is a very pretty and feminine polish combination to wear. I would suggest that it be worn during the day. I really like this combination but the pink doesn't really do the glitter polish justice. There is two coats of Grape Sorbet by Rimmel and One coat of Hot Pants by Hard Candy. Let me know what you think!

Beauty Ideas: Two Tone Lips

If you are feeling a little brave with your makeup you could try two tone lips. I recommend mixing pinks and red together. You could try doing your top lip in one color and your bottom lip in another color. For a safer version of this tip you could put a darker color in the middle on both lips and a lighter color on the corners of your mouth.

My Bags: Gap Clutch

One of my friends recently asked me if I would consider putting pieces from my own collections I have up on my blog. I thought why not and decided to start with my purses and handbags. I have a very unique style as everyone does. I will warn you now that I buy and wear what I like and I don't care so much about the name on it. If it has a name on it and I like it, great. I just chose a random piece out of my large and ever growing collection, and it is my GAP clutch. It is about six or seven inches long and is about four inches high. It has a cord tied to the zipper with square beads that say gap on them and also have a star on each one. It doesn't have any inside pockets, which isn't my favorite, but it still does the job. It has a small rectangular plastic emblem inside that says gap on it. I love to hear people's opinions about the pieces I own so feel free to leave a comment.

Petites Cabernet and Comet

Petites Cabernet is a great red to start off with and Petites Comet tops it so well. In this swatch you see two coats of Cabernet and one coat of Comet. This would be a great combination to wear around the Christmas Holiday. Although I like this combo very much, I don't think it is one that I will wear often as it seems a bit young for me. You can see Petites Cabernet by it self here.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hair Pins

IF you are looking for a new hairdo or how to spice up an old one try using bobby pins. Today these great pins are available in all colors and sizes. Think of using booby pins as adding jewelry to your hair style. For a glamorous result choose bobby pins that compliment or match your hair color.

Petites Cabernet

Cabernet by Petites is a deep but also bright red. Here you see two coats of the nail polish and no top coat. I recommend that you do use a top coat with this polish as it has a tendancy to chip. These little half sized bottles are perfect fo the nail polish lover. They offer great colors for about two bucks a bottle.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beauty Tip: Blood Red Lips

Red lips are both sultry and iconic. They have made a big comeback amongst the Hollywood crowd and you should also try them the next time you go out. For the best results apply a coat of red lipstick right from the tube, line your lips with a matching pencil then apply one more coat of red lipstick straight from the tube.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hard Candy Nail Polish Overlay

Hard Candy Rumor Mill, and Hot Pants are a great combination. This really looks like the pictures we see in space books as a kid. It reminds me so much of looking at the night sky.
In this swatch I applied two coats of Hard Candy Rumor Mill polish and covered it with one coat of Hard Candy Hot Pants polish. So far this is one of my favorites. I really like rumor Mill on its own as well, which you can see here.

Beauty Tip: Bronzer Must

When you decide to use bronzer on your face, don't forget to apply some to your neck and chest area. If you do not, the contrast in your skin tone will show rather noticeably, especially in a low cut top, so dust a little on bare skin.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rimmel Grape Sorbet

This is Grape Sorbet by Rimmel Lycra Wear. It is a very interesting creamy pink color with a hint of purple to it. I really like this color and I think it will be going in my permanent collection. I was rather surprised by how this polish looks, I really didn't think I would like it. Here I used two coats and no top coat.

Beauty Tips: Recycle Your Broken Lip Stick

Scrape the lip stick out of its container and put it in a small glass bowl. Add some lip balm, like carmex and microwave this for about 30 seconds or until it is liquid. Stir the mix up really well and pour it into a lip balm pot. Let this cool and have fun trying out your new tinted lip balm. This is a great to try in the winter.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Petites Aubergine and Comet

Here is Aubergine by Petites again only this time it has a great glitter overlay. The glitter is called Comet and it is by Petites as well. This polish went on fairly easily for a glitter polish. I only used one coat of Comet for this shot. Comet is a clear/slightly pink tinted polish with silver and purple glitter in it. The purple doesn't show up all that well in the pic or up against this color, but it still looks pretty good. Check out this post to see Aubergine all on it's own.

Beauty Tips: Recycle Your Cracked Eyeshadow

Get a small, empty makeup palette. Pop the cracked shadow out and place in the palette. Crush the shadow up and add a bit of petroleum jelly. Mix this to the right consistency to make yourself some new cream eyeshadow. Have fun trying it out!

Petites Aubergine Nail Polish Review

Here is Aubergine by Petites. I found these wonderful little half sized bottles at Walmart for about $2.00 a piece. This polish is an interesting red, brown, purple type of color. It has little to no shimmer in it, but it is not flat or matte finished. In this picture I used two coats of the Aubergine polish and no top coat. In another post you will be able to see this color with a glitter polish over top of it. I really like this polish. The color is pretty and it dried almost instantly. I highly recommend that you use a top coat as it will chip easily, and could use a little extra shine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home Tip: Organize Your Mail

Let's all face it, there is no other place for your mail then on the kitchen table or counter, or maybe that stand in the living room, or wherever else you may put it. Instead of trying to find another place for it, just get a letter organizer that you like and that matches the room it is going in. This will help to clear up the mail problem.

Hard Candy Rumor Mill Review and Swatch

Hard Candy Rumor Mill is a very dark purple color. In the swatches, I applied two coats and no top coat. This polish requires two coats to in order to cover the nail evenly. I recommend putting on a top coat of some kind as this polish seems to attract dirt and will chip fairly easy.

Beauty Tips: Shimmery Highlighting Powder

Apply a light dusting of shimmery highlighting powder to your cheeks, blending up into the temples. Also, dab a bit on the center of your chin, and across your t zone, or down your nose and across your forehead, just above the brows. This will catch the light and shine beautifully as you move your face. This is great for the evening.

Flash and NYC Starry Silver Glitter

This is Flash By Sally Hansen, and Starry Silver Glitter by NYC. I like this for a party night. The Glitter polish is a clear base with small silver glitter and larger hexagonal glitter in blue and pink. I applied two coats of Flash and one of the glitter polish. If you want to see Flash alone check out this post.

Home Tip: Update your Dresser and Closet

Replace the drawer pulls on your dressers and hang a couple on the closet door or inside somewhere to create more storage space. Pick out bright contrasted colors for this little update, as you want to make them pop when you walk in the room. Go with ornate carved metals, and jeweled drawer pulls.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cover Girl City Lights Nail Polish Swatch

This is City Lights, Boundless color by Cover Girl. This is an excellent clear polish with small silver glitter in it. When done plain like this it is pretty, especially in the winter time. I like to use it as a top coat on other polishes a little more because it can really make your nails pop with the right colors. Check out this post.

Beauty Tips: Recycle Your Pressed Powders

If you have old and crumble eyeshadow or blush or any kind of pressed powder recycle it with this trick. Crush it up as fine as you can and transfer it to a sifter pot. Now you have a new loose powder blush, shadow, or face powder.

Revlon Autumn Berry Review and Swatch

This is Autumn Berry by Revlon. Here I used two coats of the nail polish and one of a shine top coat. This is a great fall color. It is a deep red with gold shimmer. The pics don't really do it justice but you get the idea. I recommend maybe even doing a third coat as it was a bit hard to work with, the first coat was very streaky when it dried.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Home Tip: The Bathroom Rug

To give your bathroom a small but luxurious update, get a big plush rug to go on the floor instead of the regular old terry bathmat you've had for ages. A great big fuax fur rug will feel great when you step out of the tub and when your standing at the sink.

Flash Lacquer Shine Sally Hansen

This is Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine nail polish in Flash. This is a very bright blue shimmer polish that would be great for almost anytime of the year. I don't think it is the best color for fall but I would wear it almost any other time. Here you see two coats of the polish with no top coat. Two coats are necessary because the first coat has a tendency to look too light and rather streaky. This polish alone or with a glitter top coat would be great for Christmas and New Years Eve Parties.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nail Polish Pairs, OPI Strawberry Fields & Don't Toy With Me

In this swatch we have two OPI Nail Colors. The base coat is Strawberry Fields and the tips are done in Don't Toy with Me. Both of these polishes are by OPI. This would be a great french manicure for teens and tweens. Although the red is dark, there isn't enough of it to be overpowering, and the pink is perfect for younger women.

OPI Strawberry Fields Nail Polish Swatch and Review

This is Strawberry Fields by OPI, from the Psychedelic Summer Collection. This is a very good nail polish for spring and for anyone who wants to feel like a kid again. While I love OPI, this isn't my favorite Polish. I love everything that is OPI about it, just not a huge fan of pink. I found this bottle at a second hand charity store I often shop at for $2.00, so I thought I would get it and put it up here for all of you.